Thursday, September 27, 2007

hot damn traffic jam

it has been a while since i've updated this. i apologize to anyone who cares. i have been riding a bit, mostly on my aurora. that bike rules. but i have also been doing some trail riding as well since the weather hasn't been quite so warm. the dogs have been loving it.

not too long ago i booked my flight to dc to help babysit my brothers kids while he and his wifey go out of the country. i'm looking forward to being away from work and, more importantly, away from pensacola. this place is a bummer for real.

i can't believe i just said "bummer".

in other news, we recently watched "death proof", a newer quentin tarantino flick. i think it is supposed to be the first one in the "grindhouse" series or something like that. it is all hear-say to me. anyway, it was good. you should check it out. if you are a film nerd you should google it or look it up on wikipedia to find out more specifics. if you're looking for a straight-forward review of the movie then you passed it two or three sentences ago.

that is about it for now. stay tuned to see the newest art project for one less car. coming soon...

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