Monday, December 10, 2007

getting older condition worsening

on friday night i was kicking it at the house waiting for shea to get home from work. she called and sounded like she was having a bad day so i figured it would be nice to run up to the store and get her some frosty beverages to come home to. i also figured i might take a quick spin around the block once or twice. well, i leave the house and immediately after shutting the front door i realize i have just locked myself out.
i had a nice two hour ride waiting for shea to get home. i was lucky because my camera was in my bag so i could snap a couple shots. it was really foggy and there wasn't much going on downtown, per usual.
saturday i think i must have cross contaminated myself from some of the deer we were processing because after about five pm i was either on the dumper or laying on the couch with cold sweats. it sucked.

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