Thursday, December 27, 2007

wash off that gallon of pheremones

wow! christmas came and went so quickly this year. todd has been in town since saturday morning and we have been riding a lot.

this morning i got a short ride in before i flatted. i walked home instead of trying to find the puncture in the dark. no one else bothered to show up to ride this morning, i'm guessing that is due to the extreme dampness pensacola was experiencing this morning. i was left with my thoughts as i clicked up and accross the bridge in my bike shoes. it was actually quite peaceful considering that we having been going full throttle in the recent weeks as we tried to prepare for the holidays with friends and family.

tonight we are going to have a nice night of sushi. we are supposed to be meeting maggie and jeremy too, but we're going with or without them. i need something different than the meat and potatos and treats i have been stuffing myself with. sushi seems like the best possible option.

anyway, enough of this crap, i got a pair of rapha fixed knickers for christmas. i will share more a little later about these wonderful cycling britches. i also got a telephoto lens for my canon. good stuff i tell you. thank you shea. i also got a bunch of other nice things from other folks as well. thank you everyone for making my christmas rule!

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