Monday, December 17, 2007

you have the head of a chicken

on friday night we took part in our annual christmas party for my work. this year seemed better than the previous two years parties. not that they were bad, this years just seemed better. it was also the first one where we did a gift exchange, or dirty santa, or whatever you want to call it. there were a lot of gag gifts, as well as some pretty respectable ones. we walked away with a bottle of moet after holding on the the bart simpson chia pet for a while. not a bad trade if you ask me.
with shea working so much lately it was nice for both of us to get out and have a good time. maybe that is why this party seemed better?
it rained pretty much all day saturday and was cold yesterday. i took the dogs out to the trails to ride and it was a blast.
all in all, i have to say that this weekend was a good one. i got a lot of things done, i also had time to ride, and i also had some time to sit around and have some beers.

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