Wednesday, January 23, 2008

deliberately undermining

it feels like it has been ages since i updated my loyal readers. ages indeed. the annual shea-fest has been concluded and my liver is breathing a sigh of relief. i have been trying to get some things together for the first mailing of oh-eight, but it is taking some time to find everything and get it organized.

at night we have been hearing what sounds like the toxic avenger version of a feline meowing outside. it really is pitiful. we've looked but have not been successful in finding the beast, even though it sounds like it is right outside the bedroom window. so last night i put a little bit of cat food on the porch, even though governor pants gave me a look that said, "why must thou feed mine enemy?" and this morning there was not a scrap of food left. maybe it was toxicat, maybe it was another stray? who knows? do you know?

some good news came yesterday afternoon in the form of unexpected mail of my own. when i was in virginia in october i went shopping with my mom and aunt. i found some nice flannel shirts but none in my size. yesterday when i got home from work i found a package from my aunt with one of said shirts, in my size. unexpected, undeserving, greatly appreciated.

speaking of flannel shirts, sunday i aquired a huge pile of second hand flannels from shea's father. some old levi's and lee flannels from his youth. a lot fit me, some did not. i was, am, and will be stoked on my new flannel line up this year.

well, that is all the lumberjack news i have for now.

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