Wednesday, February 06, 2008

my legion of serfs

sometimes, when i am at work, things slow down remarkably and i am left to come up with my own things to do. right now is not really one of those times, since i do have a project or two to be working on, but they aren't on any time lines so i can take my time. at least no one has given me a time line anyway.

so i find myself straying from my computer generated drawings and heading for the world wide web. i check all of the same sites i normally check and then i try to find something new. today's discovery was the blog of semi-legendary (i stole that adjective) frame builder dave moulton. his blog has a huge amount of information on it. it also has some good historic images as well as some funny storys. i came accross the following comment and found it to be quite funny.

"The 1980s were no better, this was the era when bicycle shorts and fanny-packs became fashion items. People who grew up in this era did so in a cultural and artistic wilderness where every speck of good taste had evaporated like water from the desert."

personally, i think it is a quite accurate description of that period in time.

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