Thursday, March 20, 2008

all the latitude

i just broke down.
what i mean is, i have been keeping my credit card in a secure place and not making any purchases with it, possibly in the hopes of maybe making a hefty rapha purchase for my birthday or something similar. but as it goes, i visited the lomography website yesterday. man, they've got some cool things. so i check it out again this morning. then again right before lunch. then again after lunch. and then one more time about ten minutes ago and i have this strange sensation of doing something i'm trying not to do. wait..."hey fingers, stop typing in that credit card info!"
it doesn't work, my fingers don't react to my command. in fact they are doing quite the opposite.
my sense of self control just broke down on the interstate that is the world wide web.

i have a feeling that all of my buyer's remorse will go out the window when my package arrives though. then i should be the new, proud owner of a lomography all weather action sampler four lense camera, some 35mm black and white film, and one of their snazzy hip-shot bags.

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