Tuesday, March 04, 2008

and we'll have a shoot-out

back from vacation. well, not really vacation, just a couple days off to spend kicking it around the house with shea and the animals. one day we went to mobile to look at the 'our body' exhibit. one day we got a new sewing machine, which has been seeing almost daily use. one day i broke the camera lense in my phone, which isn't a big deal at all since i don't take pictures with a phone, but now it at least looks tough. most days though were spent eating and drinking too much and getting fat, but that's ok. i think i gained about six pounds over the course of a week, but hey, what's 154lbs. amongst friends, right?
i was supposed to meet up for the usual tuesday morning ride today but when i got up it was pouring, so i immediately got back down.
this coming saturday, and maybe sunday, i am helping with a somewhat major trail reroute at our local offroad trail system. it should be fun and the weather is supposed to be nice. this should be good as i need some old fashioned hard work to help me feel like i am still able to accomplish something useful. we'll see.

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