Saturday, April 12, 2008

drastic actions

ahhh.... long time no bloggy. after being laid off the monday following easter i spent two weeks riding bikes and drinking beer and just generally getting my head together. i spoke to a former coworker of mine and he offered me temporary employment reroofing a boat house with him. he's an architect who likes to have some construction sense and experience, and i can't say that is such a bad idea. the past week i have spent working up on this roof and it has been great. the weather could not be more perfect and accomodating. i've gotten to eat lunch with the pelicans. i've gotten to kill a couple water mocassins (is that spelled right?). i have been able to work on tanning my head and arms. i have been able to work a full day and have the gratification of seeing what i am producing and get the feel of ownership over the progress of the project. and to top it all off, i'm being paid, and fairly well at that. it has been nothing short of a great experience.

i have had one "real" interview and job offer, but won't start until the beginning of may. this allows me some time to continue my forray into hard work.

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