Sunday, May 25, 2008

rat bones

so after posting yesterday i decided it would be a good idea to pour about 64 ounces of malt liquor down my throat and head out to meet the ride that was supposed to be heading out to the beach. i figured i'd roll the bianchi since the weather was nice.

i barely made it by noon, but those folks are never on time so i sat and ate some good vegan food and passed the time by reading an old bmx magazine.

after a bit some other folks showed and we loaded up and headed out. after the three mile bridge we stopped at the new publix for strawberries and to pick up some beers.

we made the bridge to the beach and stopped to meet some other folks and then headed over to the pavillion on the main beach. i peeled a couple beers and a low end shot of sailor jerrys and then it was about time to head back into pensacola. one of the local "free spirits" gave me a book from operah's book club. he said he'd read it a couple times.

after heading back over the beach bridge and then through gulf breeze and then over the three mile i stopped to wait for ryan. he caught up in a couple seconds and then we made haste up to southern east hill to his abode. a new chain awaited him and shea's folks were phoning me and it was time to head out.

after all of this i manged to add a couple more miles before actually making it back home and crashing. i was dehydrated, fairly tipsy, and physically spent. i slept great lst night.

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