Wednesday, May 21, 2008

turn off that black light before it gets too late

it is a nice and sunny day today. mid to upper eighties depending on what website you check and when, with a pretty nice breeze that seems to be gusting strongly every now and then. these being the conditions i planned on riding from work up to the bike shop to tighten my headset and replenish my dwindling supply of long valve 700c tubes. i'm happy about this ride for three reasons: 1) this is the first time, other than riding to work this morning, i get to ride with my new toe straps, 2) i just got my track bike back together and i'm stoked to be pumped on riding it again after so many weeks, and 3) it's a beautiful day for a bike ride.

i unlock and start heading north for the shop. i make it about five blocks and my rear tire completely deflates. usually i have an extra tube and some co2 and tire levers, but what i meant before by my dwindling supply of tubes was that i am totally out; so i'm stuck like chuck and have nothing to repair my flat with.

as it turns out, it is a pretty nice day for a walk too.

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