Tuesday, September 30, 2008

six gap

friday i was at work. i spent most of my day drinking water. i was a little antsy in the pantsy. everyone at work had been sick and i had been drinking wal-born cocktails all week long. i was anticipating six gap and trying to not get sick at the same time. basically, i was overanalyzing everything i could.

i had been packed since thursday, so when peaches arrived on saturday morning i was basically sitting around in my living room with shea just waiting. finally we loaded up and went to get the rest of our party.
across the street. don't ask.

we arrive in dahlonega and check in with the event coordinators and then check in to our hotels. we go out for some dinner and then back to the hotel. i almost got some sleep. snoring first, a noisy wedding party second, and an mp3 player more geared toward hyperaction to try and cover the noise of the first and second.

sunday morning we wake up and get ready. i had laid everything out the night before, so i was pretty much ready. we met up with the rest of our party and headed to waffle house and then the start of the ride. we get kitted out, air up, and then make all of the family calls.

finally we get to the ride.

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