Friday, February 06, 2009

holy crap, it's cold!!

ok. hey, long time no see....
for real, i know i live in florida, and we haven't had heat for about four or five years now, but this winter has dipped low, low, low on the scale. it only lasts a short while, but still....twenties are twenties.
every time i mess with a tire from continental, specifically the Ultra GatorSkins, they never seat the first time and blow out in a matter of minutes. but they ride so nicely in my humble opinion. i never have a problem with any other tires. vittoria, nope, they usually go on pretty easy until they get sliced and then two days later i have to take them off. specialized, nope, they go on once and ride like a dream - provided you have the armadillo elites - bomb proof and roll like the dickens, you can take those things anywhere!
i got a new roubaix pro. it is pretty nice. mixing up some technology with some tradition. and, might i add, that thing is smooth, smooth, smooth!
on valentine's weekend there is a race. beach cat part duex.. or the second.. or whatever... but being that it falls on the holiday of saint valentine i will not be racing, but instead i hope to be swooning the sweet, hot red haired girl who has been gracious enough to tolerate me for the last six years. i urge anyone in my same position, man or woman, to skip the race and instead pay that special someone some well deserved attention. and to all those miserable poor single saps, i say - RACE!! race like it means that, if you win, God Himself will come down from heaven with the hopes that He would be lucky enough to touch the feet of the mightily victorious winner of such a spectacularly fantastic race such as the one that might be taking place!

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