Wednesday, September 02, 2009

draft more

it has turned into one of those non-regularly-updated blogs i hate. ugh....

sorry, i will try harder. next time.

updates from the past couple weeks:

we're moving from our quaint little cmu villa in the hood to an even more quaint bungaloo across the bridge in one of the oak filled corners of pensacola named warrington; the new place will be known from here on out as 'number 17.' please and thank you.

joe's painting is almost done i think. he's moving to the big NO in a couple weeks and i need to make sure he's got it with him by the time he departs.

this coming tuesday, the eighth is going to be a pretty big day for us. clarifying details will follow at a later date.

six gap is almost here!! already registered, but there might be some snag in the lodging department. said snag might have me camping in the napper before the ride!

after much feet dragging and negligence my track bike has finally been rebuilt and brought back to life. last night as i was cleaning up my tools and admiring the fresh assemblage it dawned on me that my sidis were nestled away and feeling neglected on the closet shelf..... OF THE OTHER HOUSE. so there she sits today, just leaning against the wall, ready to go for that first spin again.

ok. i think that is all i can think of....

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