Wednesday, September 30, 2009

so what?

a couple of weeks ago, as folks were backing out of, and finalizing travel plans to the six gap ride, i decided at the last minute to order myself some new kit.
due to financial constraints i set about mulling over all of the local bike shops along with numerous websites in search of the perfect deal. after much distress and himming and hawing one saturday i finally decided to order the houndstooth kit from panache cyclewear. size medium across the board and set for three day delivery.
well, that's not exactly how it went. monday i was at work wondering if things were going to ship. usually when ordering online you get notifications when things are being sent to you, and you usually get them pretty quickly. nothing. so, being nervously anxious, i started sending emails to panache confirming that all was well with my order. bounce.... my emails started to bounce back stating the recipients email box was full. uh-oh....
after finally corresponding back and forth with a mr. don powell, the owner of panache, whose was the only email that seemed to work, my order had morphed into their high end 11 bibs and the matching 11 jersey to boot. the change in order was due to them being temporarily out of the houndstoooth bibs in my size and the very accommodating mr. powell offered the 11's in stead at no additional cost to me. i couldn't argue, and this, in fact, made my anticipation even that much worse as tuesday and wednesday passed away, turning into empty squares on our refrigerator calendar.
thursday came. i was out running errands, picking up a base layer, and decided to swing by the house to see if any packages had arrived. low-and-behold there was a fed ex package lounging on my doorstep, addressed to me, sent by the friendly folks at panache.
well, to make a short story long - the kit is amazing! beautifully made out of fanatastic materials... however, due to my recent ________________ (insert whatever you want) i am sorry to say that my sizing bearings are all messed up. i am no longer a medium in some things. bibs, yep, still a medium. my vermarc jersey in a medium, yep, fits fantastic. my specialized jerseys, size medium but feeling a little airy and loose. but.. what.. oh.. cannondale jerseys, size small, yep and it fits remarkably. what does all this gibberish mean?? as you may or may not have guessed, the size medium jersey i ordered was too big. i did not find this out, however, until after i had already detagged and washed it and carried it all the way to dahlonega with me. well crap. i did bring a back-up jersey with me, so all turned out ok.
in a parallel universe would the situation be re-enacted the same way as this? no, it wouldn't. in a parallel universe i would be on top of my game and i would have ordered a jersey in a small so it would have fit and i would have ordered it about two weeks before six gap to ensure there was no issue in shipping/receiving. am i glad that in this universe there is such awesome customer support that allows me to order wrong size kits at the last minute and still have the items arrive in time, you better believe i'm glad. in this universe will i make future orders from panache? as soon as finances allow, yes.

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