Saturday, February 27, 2010


currently, i sit in the folding chair waiting. i have been ready for a while (minus shoes, overshoes, gloves, and helmet) but it continues raining. i continue waiting. i continue checking the radar. it continues raining. i continue complaining.
previously, i recall a time i once lived in. a time that when friday night rolled around, or saturday, or thursday and we decided we needed something to do shea and i would hop in the car and go to the video store and search for something to watch. we would bicker about movies, make fun of movies, make fun of other people renting movies, or decide what was for dinner while we walked up and down the isles. a lot of times we conversed about what we thought the people who worked in the movie store were like (i wonder if that guy behind the counter knows that everyone else knows that his quarter sized gangster bling earings aren't real diamonds, he does work at a video store).
now we have netflix. netflix is pretty cool. different, but cool.
it's still raining. thankfully though, the radar is foreshadowing the coming downfall to the downfall of moisture from the atmosphere.

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