Saturday, March 20, 2010

making unsafe lane changes

i don't know how or why; i simply cannot create an explanation as to why - brainfarts are the death of documentation but the birth of experience. i forgot my camera this morning.

i rolled out my front door before the sun came up. right about 4:30am. picked up peaches and rode the ride i mapped for the shop. it was long. it was flat. aptly named: the long & the flat of it.

we should be making the route sheets public very shortly. there are a handful of exposed roads; a handful of farm roads; two mildly questionable sections of dirt/clay road; the only elevation of note is the four bridges, which aren't much; and a long, slow, windy, beautifully scenic churn for a return. i pulled in right at 84.6miles.

i have already begun the mapping of the next ride.

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