Sunday, March 14, 2010

we're all out of time for today, guys...

this morning i made myself two corned beef and havarti sandwiches. i bagged one for my ride and ate the other with a newcastle. good morning. i left for my ride and punctured on the bridge, about five minutes from my front door. i hopped the concrete barrier and changed tubes to a new one that has to have one of the longest valve stems on the planet. i realize there are rims out there that require such mechanisms, but i guess i never put two and two together. stupid me. as a side note, peaches never looks at the camera.
paul never materialized so peaches and i took a breezy spin to the beach and back. aside from the wind (i just checked weather underground and it says 13mph) the weather was perfect.
now i'm home - let's eat!

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