Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the latest early

today is the last day of june. it is mind blowing to think how fast this year is going by.

we are currently considering relocating from pensacola to missouri. the last time relocation was on our minds it was for memphis, but things changed. now, with mr. ok in the boat, we have different things to consider when making decisions like this.

personally, i have been ready to get out of here for a long time. the only clencher i need is a job. i'm sure this situation is fairly familiar to a lot of people these days.

other things on the horizon: my mom's birthday is tomorrow, mr. erickson's birthday is friday, shea's mom, aunt, and brother all have birthdays next week, the 4th of july festivities, 4 on the 4th ride out at blackwater this weekend, and no work on monday.

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