Monday, June 28, 2010

rolling out

wow. there is so much stuff going on in our area these days. where do i start?

shannon is in town from memphis. she came by on friday night and we all hung out at the kitchen table passing the boy around from person to person while we caught up on all the fun things we had been missing in life since the last time we all hung out. i had to call it quits early since i wanted to ride on saturday morning.

saturday morning i got up and rolled out the door around 7a.m. for a road ride. good googly moogly it was hot!! i pulled in about 40 miles and got home just in time to shower off all of the crusty salt/sweat and then we all loaded up and went out to shannon's parents to swim the afternoon away. it was so relaxing. MROK seemed to really enjoy the pool, especially sans diaper. after relaxing all afternoon shea and i loaded up the boy and came home to relax and watch this one movie, i think it was called edward scissorfists or something like that. you might have heard about it - it's about a guy with scissors for hands.

sunday i headed out early to go ride the trails. i did one red loop and came back to the napper van to get more water when i ran into dale and dan. we shot the breeze for a couple minutes before riding the games loop and then the red loop again. again, good googly moogly it was really hot!!

in other news, i am trying to put together a couple posts - one concerning some panache kit i got a while back; another about some diadora road shoes; and a third about this oil leak situation that is going on here. i have a feeling all three of those will be quite wordy and opinionated.

anyone have an ice pick i can borrow?

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