Sunday, July 11, 2010

danger lurking around every corner

good morning! i have just returned from an hour long ride on the SE while out distributing three more paintings. in the process of doing so i was chased by a doberman and a red nose pit, the doberman gave up about a half block into the chase so i was left to outrun the red nose. i also came across a small pile of bloody bandages, gross.

yesterday i rode 47.71 miles before it got too terribly hot. the My Tracks app on my phone said it was only 2,262 feet of elevation gain, which i think is incorrect as my ride on thursday did not incorporate UWF, and yesterday's did. i have a hard time believing that there is only ten feet of climbing at the university. anyway.... it says the max grade was 18.3% too.

after i got done riding and finished the awesome breakfast that shea made for us i watched yesterday's stage of the Tour. this year it is shaping up to be quite dramatic. the brawl that broke out after stage 6 still makes me smile.

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