Monday, August 02, 2010


some pictures from last thursday, the last thursday i will have off with Mr. Ok. full time work is calling my name and my bank account is forcing me to answer that call.

in other news: our good friend melissa came by last week and dropped off a whole load of toys for the boy. the timing is actually quite perfect since the last time i was at the store i was looking through the toy section for things to get for him and couldn't decide on anything. thank you for hooking it up, mel.

the slots my brother reserved for us to ride the chasing daylight tour have been accepted, so i have been trying to get in a grip of riding before we trek to california to ride from San Francisco to San Diego. the ride is october so i have some time to prepare, and in doing so, i have been trying to rubber band onto the back of any team weber rides i can - or any other rides i might be able to find.

unfortunately i will miss both six gap and the fenner + wantz ride this year due to the california trip, but i think it will turn out ok since i have done both of those a couple times each already.

ok, stats for this weekend......

45.70 miles
1,500 feet of elevation gain
7.0% max grade

41.42 miles
1,917 feet of elevation gain
12.5% max grade

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