Sunday, September 05, 2010


ah, good morning. happy sunday.
after i finish my third cup of coffee i will probably be headed out the door to ride before i meet up with the wheelmen ride. i slept pretty well last night.
shea and the boy did not; our air conditioning upstairs pooped out.
rode 61 miles yesterday morning. then we all went to the wildlife sanctuary. and then grape garden to over eat.
father & son brizzard both texted me they were expecting me today.

The gunfight was the result of an attempt by Vernon Miller and accomplices to either free or silence recaptured bank robber Frank "Jelly" Nash at the Union Railway Station in Kansas City, Missouri. As lawmen escorted Nash to a car, bandits emerged from hiding and opened fire. Two Kansas City detectives, one Oklahoma City police chief named Otto Reed, and FBI Special Agent Ray Caffrey were killed. Nash was killed as well, while sitting in the car. Two other Kansas City police officers survived by slumping forward in the backseat and feigning death. As the gunmen inspected the car, another officer responded from the station and fired at them, forcing them to flee. Miller was found dead on November 27, 1933, outside Detroit, Michigan, beaten and strangled.
-from Wikipedia

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