Monday, March 07, 2011

three presidents

i met remy at the gas station on 12th & cervantes and we headed out. it was freezing cold, windy, and overcast. after hours of riding and getting lost we finally made it to keoke. no one was there. we walked around a bit to regain feeling in our hands and feet before jumping back on the scooters and doing a little exploring on some forest roads. after a while we gassed up and headed back for town. once back in pensacola and close to home remy decided to do some off-road ditch carving which ultimately lead to him laying his ruckus down and then it becoming less than operational. he called his brother, then we loaded his scooter into the back of his brother's truck and i continued home.
give or take 140 miles round trip. next time though i will have to wear my long-johns and some different gloves.

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