Sunday, October 30, 2011

business to discuss

here it is... sunday morning. sitting on the couch in my argyle sweater and boxers, wrapped in a fleece blanket and drinking coffee. there is a law & order re-run on the television and i have just made a cursory run through of some of my favorite websites. the boy and shea are still tucked away in dreamland.

in approximately five minutes i will be in the bathroom getting all dolled up for this morning's wheelmen ride. we're doing the alabama point loop today. the wind is supposed to pick up and it is cold (for florida). jacob said he was going to show up and i was trying to talk remy and peaches into showing up as well..... i would like it if they all showed, but since i am always in need of more operating income i would be better inclined to bet against their arrival just so i can make a quick buck.

in other news, i need to get up with my mom and bro to see how this recent spat of wintery northeastern storms has impacted them and theirs.

happy sunday!

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