Tuesday, January 08, 2008

indicating that you are retarded

hopefully back into the swing of things for the new year. met up with the crew this morning for a ride, it was just moist enough to make everything slippery. peaches flatted about three times so we were behind schedule a bit. no big deal really. i wish i had brought my camera because the fog was looking pretty cool this morning. oh well.

i didn't take any pictures at the race this weekend either. i was too busy doing other things, like racing and drinking beer.

shea came out on sunday with darnella to show support and this morning while i was out riding she even made me lunch to take to work. i swear, that girl needs a raise. above and beyond the call of duty.

i think that is about all for now.

oh wait, go to one less car and order some stuff and get one of my spoke cards.

ok, now i'm done.

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pensacola beach cat said...

hey dude its ryan. did i see shea with a camera at the start? or maybe someone that was with her? i hope so cause otherwise I totally droped the ball on getting photos of the crab walk start! give me a call if you can on the courier number. Yall should come up to sluggos tonight if you can for a awesome show w/ Dan Deacon, Ultra Dolphins, Vivian Girls, and Romangabrieltoddsbeastrisingupoutofthesea
well hope to see you soon!