Thursday, January 10, 2008

mathematically impossible

the lone surfer guy person.
woke up bright and early this morning and joined peaches, john, and johnny for this mornings ride. it was wicked muggy and warm this morning. it feels more like april/may than january. speaking of, i need to get shea a birthday present. no flats, no mechanicals, just smooth sailing this morning. it was pretty nice. when i got home i leaned the bike up against the wall and heard the hiss of my rear tire going flat, but at least i was home. i hate flats. so today on my lunch break i went to the shop and purchased two new 700x23/25 specialized roubaix armadillo elite tires. i was hoping for something in white or grey but i did not feel like special ordering some tires. maybe i'll do that on the next go 'round. on road bikes i have good faith in the higher end tires from specialized, they make good stuff. however, their lower end/stock/oem tires aren't that great, in my opinion. and i don't think i'd ever run any of their tires on a fixed gear since the lamination constructions doesn't appear to hold up very well to general fixed gear misuse. anyway, enough about tires.

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