Tuesday, January 19, 2010


good morning, everyone.

i am ready and waiting to embark on my first "official" road ride of the year. actually, it has been almost a month since i have swung a leg over the roubaix. fear not though, as i have been logging some time in on the trails as well as getting back to one of my most favorite things - commuting.

we are +/-3 weeks away from our new addition to the family arriving and it can't happen soon enough. we're totally not ready, or i should say, I'M totally not ready (i cannot speak for anyone but myself) but i'm just dying to meet the little guy in person and see what he looks like. you know, aside from looking like a little squinty-eyed alien creature, which is what most babies look like to me regardless of who makes them.

anyway, off to put on my shoes, socks, gloves, and helmet and go drag peaches ass back out into the streets.

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