Sunday, September 12, 2010

they were only playing leapfrog

about to get all dressed up and go for a ride. i have to finish my coffee first though.

yesterday morning, in a half sleep, i swapped the carbon fork back to the original steel fork on the bianchi. then, at 6a.m. i left to go ride the trails. i was still tired when i showed up. half way down pate road trail i realized i forgot to zip-tie the front brake cable to the fork, so i had to return to the van to make that "repair". luckily i found the single zip-tie floating in the bottom of my "kidnapper kit*" bag. after, i rode two of the slowest loops i've possibly ever ridden. it might have been due to all of the spiders and/or their webs that stretched across the trail every three feet or so. it might have also been due to having to stop and wait for a black and yellow snake to finish snake pooping and get off the trail before i could continue riding. it also might have something to do with the fact i haven't been on any trails since july 4th. i'm going to stick with the snake poop excuse though.

*the kidnapper kit actually has nothing to do with kidnapping. it's a tool bag filled with car stuf - jumper cables, fix-a-flat, tow rope, flash light, etc...

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