Wednesday, September 15, 2010

your place

ok, so what if i'm slow.

on sunday, grandparent's day, after my morning coffee i headed out the door with the intent to ride - a long ride. my goal was something of an out-and-back, heading toward Gulf Shores via Perdido Key and Orange Beach. i went through Gulf Shores pretty early as it only took around 2 or 2.5 hours to get there, but there was sign that kept me moving westward. Fort Morgan - 22 miles. i kept going. an hour later i was in the vicinity of Fort Morgan, but was not at the actual fort. i was completely out of water and my thermometer was creeping above the 100 degree mark, so i decided it would be best to turn back.

the return trip was painful. it kept getting hotter. i must have gone through five bottles worth of sports drink/water mixture during the return, yet still around 11:45 i needed to stop and take a break. i pulled off at a small covered gazebo on River Road in Perdido Key and as quickly as possible turned the picnic table into a firm bed for my resting pleasure.

20 or 30 minutes later i was clipping back in and heading home. the small break had given me my second wind, however weak it was. a little while later this second wind was completely driven from me after i was forced to out-sprint an energetic boxer for a handful of blocks through the Navy Point area.

i arrived home, shortly after 1 p.m. and i was cooked. 97.2 miles, most of which being approximatley 100 degrees or more, in full exposure on the beaches to wind and baking sun.

as i was horizontal lying on a towel on the bathroom floor with the cat sniffing the salt on my face i wondered about my upcoming trip and how well i would perform.

and then i took a shower and fell asleep.

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